The Mets announced that Sandy Alderson, president of the team, is due to retire and is in the process of appointing a new president. After Alderson helped find a new team president, he plans to move into an advisory role. Alderson, who retired from the Mets’ GM in July 2018 due to a battle with cancer, returned to the Mets as president of the team at the request of Steve Cohen, the owner who acquired the Mets in the off-season of 2020.

Owner Cohen said: “I asked Sandy to come back to the team for a specific period of time and with a specific mission to revive our culture and this iconic franchise for our fans, partners and employees. Sandy did more than that, and we started looking for his successor.” Since Alderson had weakened his influence over the baseball operations department after Billy Eppler took office, the change in the president of the team is not expected to have much of an impact on the team.

Alderson is currently 74 years old. He originally joined the Mets as GM in the off-season of 2010 and held a front office leadership role until he was diagnosed with cancer and retired in July 2018. After overcoming cancer and returning to the Mets as president of the team under Cohen’s owner, he temporarily served as front office leader due to a series of scandals involving Jared Porter and Zach Scott. , After the appointment of GM Eppler, he mainly played roles other than the baseball management department. “I think it’s the right time for this transition for me personally and for the team,” Alderson said. “I look forward to helping the team in my new role.”

Alderson is known as the person who built the golden age of the Athletics, which achieved three consecutive league titles from 1988 to 1990 (the World Series in 1989), and is also famous as a mentor to Billy Beane, who is famous for “Moneyball”. is. Alderson is the seventh president of the Mets franchise. From now on, he will be looking for someone suitable for the eighth person.